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In my private practice I provide counseling, therapy, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis with the goal to acquire the skills and knowledge in order to live well, work well, and love well.

My private practice provides counseling and therapy for psychological difficulties. The type of clinical service provided is determined by the individual and the malady presented.

Psychotherapy is an advanced form of therapy influenced by psychoanalytic theory. Psychotherapy involves meeting a minimum of once per week over a period of time. This intimate process develops a healing conversation that facilitates negotiating life's difficulties. In the confidential and safe setting of the session the client can gain the means to make lasting change that leads to a new kind of personal freedom. Client and clinician engage in a collaborative effort that provides the client an opportunity to grow, develop, improve emotional understanding, and heal.

Psychoanalysis is a specialized treatment technique that requires years of advanced training. Many maladies considered not treatable by the medical model have been successfully treated with psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis involves meeting frequently, often more than once per week. The investment by both analyst and patient is significant. The patient speaks and the trained ear of the analyst listens. Together the analytic pair explore the soul of the client. Unconscious causes are revealed and studied. Personal dynamics are activated in session and examined in the here and now. Deep meanings are examined. Psychoanalysis has proven over a long history to be an effective treatment modality that relieves symptoms, promotes personal growth, and leads to a "less restricted and conflicted life."
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