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Thank you so much for your work with my son. I have mentioned to you before that I have no idea where he would be today without your help. Today the reason for his going to Bozeman is quite clear. "Someone" had other plans for him and his well being and those plans included becoming associated with a psychologist who literally saved his life - that person obviously being you. I am extremely thankful that your paths have crossed. This is my attempt to say thank you. I am not very good at it because I become emotional when my son’s welfare is concerned, but suffice it to say that I am eternally thankful for the work you do with him.
The days grow brighter and I’ll hold on to that dream for my family, so stuck, in the dark. I can’t thank you enough for your concerns and effort to all of us.

I appreciate all your help. And that you make time for me so quickly. Thanks.

Thank you for listening and being so helpful.

Thank you isn't enough for all you have done for my grandson.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done to provide support, help and kindness to our family. You mean the world to him and his time with you has been at a pivotal time in his development. We have you to thank for giving him the guidance, safety, and room to grow and learn. Thank you for helping us all. You have been a blessing in our life.
Thank you. Thank you for the insight you gave my son. I think it is accurate to say you saved someone's life, literally or functionally. The world has been blessed because of you. My son is a hugely important element of my world so my gratitude is enormous.
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